When it comes to the care of your new addition nothing could be more important than keeping the little rascal safe. Puppy proofing your home for a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy is crucial. Complete this task BEFORE the baby walks through the door. It seems as if it is in every puppy’s DNA code to search out the most dangerous, toxic, and hazardous items in the house. As we all know, it takes only one split second for a little pup to get into some BIG trouble. Stay one step ahead of him. “The best defense is a good offense.”


 CHILD SAFETY LOCKSlock on cabinets to prevent Hooch from accessing whatever is inside. Especially cabinets containing strong cleaning supplies, bleach, detergents and soaps.

 LIDDED TRASH CANto keep your puppy away from chicken bones, coffee grounds, plastic bags, and other unsafe materials.

 PUT AWAY SHARP KNIVES – curious puppies can pull them down

 KEEP DANGEROUS FOODS OUT OF REACH the ASPCA recommends avoiding access to avocados, bread dough, chocolate, any types of alcohol, grapes, raisins, hops, macadamia nuts, garlic, tobacco products, zylitol and moldy foods.

BE CAUTIOUS AROUND THE OVEN AREA – this includes turning off burners and keeping puppy away while cooking.

 CLOSE OFF THE KITCHEN WHEN CLEANING THE OVENthe chemicals can be harmful to your Dogue de Bordeaux.


BABY GATES – at the base of any staircases to prevent injury to your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy. YOUR PUPPY SHOULD NOT USE STAIRS!!

 PLANTS SHOULD BE KEPT UP HIGH be sure to check warning labels so that you do not have a plant that could be poisonous to your Dogue de Bordeaux.

 FIREPLACESshould always have a screen on them to avoid burns or access to ash. Never leave your Dogue de Bordeaux unattended with a fire or space heater.

 BLIND CORDS – keep out of reach from puppy, as they can become strangled when playing with them.

 STORE DECORATIVE THROWS AND PILLOWS IN A BIN these can be chewed on  and, if digested, cause problems for your Dogue de Bordeaux. Additionally, inspect plush/soft/stuffed toys regularly for holes and rips.

 AN OUTDOOR RUG – will be handy during puppy years. It is more durable and a bit easier on the puppy’s teeth if he does attempt to chew it.

 TUCK POWER CORDS AWAY – use rugs, pvc piping or sturdy cord covers.

 OFFICE SUPPLIES  pens, pencils, scissors, etc.  should always be stored out of reach of puppy.


 EMPTY POCKETS – into a container that can only be accessed by a humans. Puppies can easily choke on loose change, buttons, and other odds and ends.

 PUT SHOES AWAY – up on a shelf behind closet doors.

 JEWELRY  – Should be out of reach to avoid choking or metals that have toxic chemicals to your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy.

 SHUT DRESSER DRAWERS – and put laundry out of reach. Swallowed clothing can cause intestinal blockage and choking hazards.

 SET UP BARRICADES – to prevent your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy from wedging himself beneath or behind furniture that could prove dangerous.


 KEEP HAIR ACCESSORIES UP HIGHdogs can easily choke on hair elastics, bows and more.

 TOILET LID DOWN And avoid auto-cleaners. They are harmful to pets.

 PILLS and other toiletry items such as soap, razors and cotton balls are to be locked away. Keep in mind, it will not be long before your Dogue de Bordeaux will be tall enough to easily snatch items off the counter and sink areas.

 TRASH CAN – try storing it in a cabinet.

 DRAIN – sinks and bathtubs. These can be drowning hazards.


LOCK TOOL SHEDSwhere there are potential dangers lurking.

 PAINTS, POISONS, FERTILIZERS, PESTICIDE & BLEACH – Store on a very high shelf or safely locked away at all times.

FISHING GEAR – especially hooks and fishing line should always be out of your Dogue de Bordeaux’s reach.

 BALCONIESare to be made closed off. A small puppy can squirm through the railing and fall. A full grown Dogue de Bordeaux could easily jump over a standard height railing!

CLOSED OFF PLAY AREAS – are to be provided to keep your puppy from running into the street, possibly chasing after a stranger or animal and other likely dangers.

 DOGS SWEAT THROUGH THEIR PAWSand should always have cool walkways to access when going outdoors.